1. Module – Payrolls

Payroll management is the most important function from the employee’s point of view hence needs to performed very carefully. Here we start from understanding the different components of the salary slip, then important statutory compliance and the deduction based on the same. We will further understand how to create salary slips for different employees. Further the taxation calculation for the employees based on the current tax slab introduced by the government.

  • Different Salary Components
  • Reimbursement Policy
  • Training on Payroll software
  • Calculation of the following
  •    Creation of Salary
  •    Professional Tax deduction
  •    Provident Fund Act
  •    ESIC Scheme
  •    Gratuity Act
  •    Bonus Act
  •    Leaves Management

Practical learnings:

Discussion on different management concepts of Payrolls

Creation of different excel reports

  • MIS Reports
  • Salary excel
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