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The Role of the HR Function in the Organisation:

The human resources function is a department that handles a wide range of various functions in an organization. The department is responsible for the recruitment and exit of employees, training employees, maintaining relations within the organisation and implementing necessary government laws related to employment. The department also works persistently behind the scenes to ensure that an organization is running/functioning efficiently. The HR function’s work and duties will vary within the companies.

Core Human Resource Classes in Pune

The HR function’s summed up in six main functions and they are as follows:


In pursuing a Best HR training in Pune Rectus HR Academy, One of the primary human resources department functions is to manage to hire and recruiting within an organization. The department actively sources, screens, interviews and hires/recruits qualified potential candidates for all the open positions. The human resources function also oversees skills assessment and personality tests to match candidates with the right job within the company.

Training & Development: 

The HR Certification Training in Pune has the function is also accountable for the training and development of the employees within an organization. They identify the training needs of the different departments or employees and then further creates training programs and also conducts training for the new hires and existing employees. The human resources department of HR Training Classes in Pune works with department managers and/or management to determine the different training needs of employees. They are also responsible for handling the contract deals with the training agency (in case the training are outsourced) and handling the training budgets to collecting the training feedback.

Compensation & Benefits:

Let’s firstly assume here that everyone needs a good compensation and it’s the work of the human resources professional.  It is the work of the human resources professional for creating employee compensation across different levels across the organization. This particular department handles the employee payroll and guarantees that the employees are paid correctly and on time. Also, ensure that the deductions are correct and there are no loopholes in this particular aspect as they are major reasons for the employees to be discouraged at work. It is the work of the Human resources function to manage compensation aspects that include pensions and other benefits that might be offered to the employees by the employer.

Why the need for the Best HR Practical Training

Human Resource function has been one of the most popular departments in the organization and has worked relentlessly to improve the working conditions for the employees of the organization. But over the period of time, it has been observed that the quality of the human resource professional is weakening due to the stagnation in their work. It is even because of the nature of their work where the work is generic and it is thus assumed that their work is not important. To add on to this the human resource function is also considered as a support function and hence adding to the further argument.

The need of the hour is to improve the quality of the human resource professionals which suffering since long. To improve the quality there must be a practical approach for the same and this can be done by HR Certification Course in Pune. An HR Training Institute in Pune where seasoned and experienced human professional will not just teach but share their industry knowledge as the best learning can be done only through this. The young human resource professional must be taught the important aspects of their professions and also should be acquainted with the successful implementation of the knowledge that they gather during their HR Training & Placement in Pune.

Rectus HR Academy gives you a lot of exposure to the current knowledge, techniques and practices of HR skills. We teach you the essence that is required to be a successful HR of any organization. Rectus HR is into the market of recruitment, be it IT or non IT since a very long time. We share the LIVE experiences of the profession and the challenges you will face in the future.

HR Training in Pune

The HR Training in Pune at Rectus HR

We at RectusHR understand the shortcomings in today’s human resource professional or profession and hence has devised an effective program which is done after some serious market research and analysis. As we did understand that Human resource department has many functions but it can be summarized in main aspects, hence we have 3 modules on the same namely recruitment, core HR and payroll.

This course will help you prepare yourself in a way that you are ready to handle any role under the Human Resource Management responsibilities. We provide HR Training in Pune with a placement facility which will help you get a job and build your career in the corporate world of HR. We have a history of 100% placement assistance in the current market and also the quality of teaching is best. Our trainers hold a good experience in the corporates and they share this industry knowledge with students so it benefits them in their jobs. Training will be provided to you on LIVE job portals like Naukri, Monster, Indeed, Times and other responsibilities like payroll management and employee engagement programs will be a part of the course.

Let’s take a look at a module of HR Training in Pune:

  1. Module 1 – Recruitment:

In this module, we will learn the end to end process of the most important function of the human resource department. The module will start with understanding how the entire recruitment process begins with the Manpower planning then further creating the organizational structure. Further the different techniques of sourcing and screening through which the human resource professional effectively create a candidate pool. Then further understand the selection process (conducted at the MNCs). We give you hands-on practice on different job portals

  • Manpower Planning
  • Sourcing (Conventional & Non – conventional)
  • Screening
  • Selection process
  • Vendor Management
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Practical learnings:

  • Discussion on different concepts of recruitment
  • Creation of different excel reports
  • Job Portals   

  1. Module 2 – Core HR

The Core HR profile starts from onboarding of the employee to exist or separation of the employees. This the function of the human resource department is very extensive and many other functions are involved here like induction, background verification, employee engagement, training and development, performance evaluation, and many more.

Documentation is another vital aspects of Core HR where the human resource professional do have to collect and save all the important document that is crucial for the confirmation of the employment of the employees

  • Induction Process / On-boarding Process
  • Background verification
  • Joining Formalities
  • Employee Engagement
  • Retention Strategies
  • Performance Management System
  • Employment Documentations
  • Training & Development Program
  • Separation formalities/ Exit procedures

Practical learnings :

Discussion on different management concepts of Core HR

Creation of different excel reports

  • MIS Reports
  • Performance Evaluation Report
  • Training Need Analysis

  1. Module 3 – Payrolls

Payroll management is the most important function from the employee’s point of view hence needs to performed very carefully. Here we start from understanding the different components of the salary slip, then important statutory compliance and the deduction based on the same. We will further understand how to create salary slips for different employees. Further the taxation calculation for the employees based on the current tax slab introduced by the government.

  • Different Salary Components
  • Reimbursement Policy
  • Training on Payroll software
  • Calculation of the following
  •    Creation of Salary
  •    Professional Tax deduction
  •    Provident Fund Act
  •    ESIC Scheme
  •    Gratuity Act
  •    Bonus Act
  •    Leaves Management

Practical learnings:

Discussion on different management concepts of Payrolls

Creation of different excel reports

  • MIS Reports
  • Salary excel


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