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Permanent Recruitment

Rectus HR - Permanent Recruitment Service Provider

Finding the right staff for your organization can be a difficult task. Despite trying all avenues to find the match, something is missing about the selected employee. One of the most common reasons for finding less-than-perfect candidates for your company is that the long-term recruiting providers you hire are incompetent. As HR outsourcing company Rectus demonstrates, finding the right candidates for an organization takes a lot of effort.

About Rectus – Your Permanent Recruitment Consultant

Rectus has completed permanent recruitment services for more than 1,00 companies. We can meet the needs of many companies looking for specific products from competitors. For example, when a company is looking for a marketing manager, it will need candidates who are experts in communication, customer management and management and have a problem-solving attitude.

Rectus is an HR services company serving various companies such as Real Estate, PO, IT, engineering, BFSI, technology space, e-commerce, logistics, infrastructure, government, education. , others.

One of the permanent recruitment methods from Rectus HR

Rectus has always made the recruitment process perfect. We have a state-of-the-art recruitment process carried out by our experienced staff. We increase the efficiency of the recruitment process with the following solutions.

  1. Rectus offers permanent recruitment services up to mid-level

Rectus is one of the leading HR services in recruitment, dedicated to delivering not only professional but also consistent results throughout their careers. We believe in the infinite goodness that can only be achieved by promising candidates who are eager to learn. We only select candidates who already understand the business well or want to learn about it. We simplify the selection process with the following specific steps:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Screening, interview, coordination, and offer-letter
  • Lastly, requisition management

2. Rectus Offers Senior Level Recruitment:

Over the years, our company has gained a reputation for its comprehensive leadership search. Senior positions in any organization require someone who is mature, strong and has a broad understanding of their role. Rectus specializes in providing permanent solutions to these functions (Business, HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing and similar roles). 

Here are some features of Rectus HR:

  • Searching for managers or leaders who are distinctive in their approaches
  • Teaming up with some winning leadership teams
  • Rectus is a trusted search partner for finding leaders for Indian organizations


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