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The real estate industry is one of the most well-known industries in the world. It has four subsectors: residential, retail, hospitality and trade. The growth of the economy is successfully driven by the growth of the business environment and the increasing demand for urban offices and services in urban and semi-urban areas. The construction sector ranks third among 14 main sectors in terms of its direct, indirect and impact on all sectors.

In India, the real estate sector is the second largest industrial sector after agriculture. The sector is expected to attract more non-resident Indian (NRI) investments in the short and long term. Trust us to identify and develop exceptional leadership potential.

Our experts are experts in business (plans, planning, design, MEP, contracts, etc.) and participation (BD and land purchase, sale), marketing and CRM, finance, legal, human resources, etc.) functions.

The automotive industry is turning into a competitive and challenging industry. Customer needs are met with better performance and customization. Almost all the major players in the global automotive and automotive industry have set up manufacturing facilities in India to meet the local and global demand. A highly competitive business environment means there is a need for senior leaders who can get companies through tough times. This trend has made India a hotbed of talent in the automotive industry.

At Rectus, we have solved the tasks in the fields of R&D, Development, Construction, Operation, Information Technology, Business, Human Resources, Production, Superstructure, Maintenance, Engineering, Sales and Service, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service, Design. etc. We understand the business and its needs well and our team of consultants have extensive business experience at various levels of the value chain; That’s great for making sure we get the job done.

The Indian consumer market is a significant market comprising a wide range of products and services. Urbanization, increased internet penetration, and the rapid growth of e-commerce have changed the way consumers shop and interact with brands. India’s consumer market is also witnessing major changes in consumer behavior and preferences, with increasing demand for healthy and organic products, increasing awareness of personal, simple solutions and long-term oriented products. These changes have led to intense competition between companies, spurring innovation and leading to the introduction of new products and services.

At Rectus Consultants, we have extensive experience in building successful leadership teams for Indian and established multinational companies as well as D2C players interested in creating global competition in private investment. We understand that the recruitment of business leaders is evolving, with organizations seeking leaders with imagination, digital savvy, change and imagination. Our global consultants work together to ensure we can match our knowledge and expertise to our clients’ business needs

Our deep understanding of global manufacturing enables us to be a reliable partner of choice for organizations looking to build international leadership teams, including local and foreign.

India’s technology industry has led to rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies that have revolutionized the country’s development. This dynamic industry includes technology, healthcare technology, retail technology, education technology and other industries and continues to evolve and evolve through digitalization, changing customer needs and management reforms. At Rectus HR, we are aware that visionary leaders are the driving force behind the success of technology companies. By partnering with clients and understanding their culture, values, and business goals, we identify leaders who not only have the skills but also align with the company’s long-term vision.

Good leadership is essential in today’s age of growth and constant change, especially with the emergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning and high capacity. At ABC Consultants, we are committed to building a leadership team that can leverage this new technology. Using our business expertise and deep understanding of changing needs, we strive to create flexible teams that unlock the potential of the knowledge and learning machine and make the organization successful. ABC Consultants specializes in various areas of technology including:

  • Technology Services
  • Technology Products and E-Commerce
  • Technology Captives – GCC

This growth is driven by the increasing need for connectivity, population growth, supported government policies and significant investment in telecommunications. More importantly, the industry has made rapid advances in technology, including the deployment of 5G networks and the expansion of broadband services.

At Rectus HR, we have a deep understanding of the evolving and complex communication culture. Our experienced recruitment team has extensive marketing and communications skills, allowing us to find the best leadership for your organisation. Let us be your strategic partner to support the success of the Indian business economy.

Call center recruitment is one of the costly sectors. Hundreds of employees join/leave the organization almost every year. In order to maintain the employer-employee balance, it is important not to run out of business resources. As a recruitment agency, we conduct new interviews to present the best candidates to your organization. We made our library ready for use with instant activation. Our experts maintain a list of candidates specific to your business. This list is constantly updated to include all content.